Jeff Rasco

Presentation: All In On AI: Realities of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Meetings

In this session we’ll use a little human intelligence to get our heads around AI and how it impacts our lives and our meetings now, but even more important how it projects into the near future. We will take a practical look at how some of these systems are implemented for events, and where we can shine as experienced professionals.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what artificial intelligence is, and many of the ways it can be applied to your meetings and events.
  • Discuss the Internet of Things (IOT) and how AI works within this framework, and how it can be deployed for meetings.

Look at security and privacy issues surrounding AI. Is it the best tool ever, or the most dangerous?

Jeff Rasco’s Bio:

A veteran meeting professional with over 35 years experience, Jeff Rasco is the founder/CEO of Attendee Management, Inc., a tech-driven event services company, providing US-based development, support, and expertise to meetings professionals since 2003.

Jeff has been speaking and writing on technology and its impact on meetings and the people who plan and support them since before the internet was a thing. He brings a special knack for presenting the practical aspects of often mind-blowing technology to meeting professionals, and has written well over 100 articles and columns on meeting technology.

Rasco has received a number of professional honors, notably Meeting Planner of the Year from Meeting Professionals InternationaI in 1996, and their international Chapter Leader of the Year in 1994 (the only person to have been awarded both of these prestigious honors). He has received many awards from the Houston and Texas Hill Country MPI chapters, and was named the very first Industry Professional of the Year when Southwest Showcase began their awards program in 2017.

He has served on MPI’s International Board of Directors, the MPI Foundation Board of Trustees, and on the boards of the Houston Area and Texas Hill Country MPI Chapters and SITE Texas. AMi serves as Chapter Administrators for MPI THCC, and Jeff is proud to be the key liaison to the chapter.

His goal is to increase the quality of meetings and elevate the strategic value of meeting professionals through the intelligent use of technology.

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Website sponsored and designed by:

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