Christina Jovanna Olivarez

Presentation: Real-Time Social Media: Leveraging Social Media for Live Event Coverage. 

Description: Over 94% of event marketers believe in real-time social media

but only 18% of event marketers are actually doing something about it. Christina of The Social Butterfly Gal will teach you how define your purpose, plan your strategy and share how to master real-time social media for optimal results. Some of the things we will cover: Looking for the fomo, Storytelling, event coverage and more.

Christina Jovanna Olivarez’s Bio:

Christina Jovanna Olivarez is a social media strategist based in San Antonio, TX. She is the Owner of The Social Butterfly Gal and Co-Owner of Hustle + Socialize. Christina works with your brand to provide the strategy, tactics, comprehensive framework, and solutions you need to attract high-performing engagement on social media platforms consistently. She has achieved success with leading national events and brands such as Fiesta San Antonio, City of San Antonio, Downtown San Antonio, Howl at The Moon, LLC, San Antonio Start-Up Week, to name a few. In addition to her social media strategy business, Christina teamed up with her best friend of 20 years, Michelle Vallejo to co-found Hustle + Socialize. Hustle + Socialize is the premier platform for women in San Antonio to launch their entrepreneurial dreams! H+S is a game-changing professional development conference that empowers hustling women through personal and professional skills-building.

After spending more than 10 years in Digital Marketing with various brands, Christina understands what drives businesses and how to spread brand awareness efficiently for optimum promotion. Christina utilizes social media data and performs various Social Media Marketing campaigns to generate organic and engaging content.

Christina was born and raised in Mission, TX in the Rio Grande Valley. Christina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication-Electronic Media from Texas State University. She has several certifications including Social Media HubSpot Academy Certification, National Institute for Social Media Certification, and WBC LiftFund Business Accelerator.

When she’s not behind a laptop, you can find Christina exploring San Antonio, traveling and drinking coffee at local coffee shops with her husband Pete.

Follow Christina on Instagram @TheSocialButterfly Gal and on Twitter @ChristinaSBG. For more information on The Social Butterfly Gal, visit

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